Twin Cities Horse Sales - Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Sale APRIL 6TH Cannon Falls, Minnesota

DO NOT miss this sale!  The BEST SELECTION a person could ever ask for!






THE event of the Spring! Held at the extremely well equipped Simon Arena, this long-standing sale is one of the Nation's leading sales and one look at their sale lineup will certainly tell you why! Horse Auctions USA is THRILLED to be a part of this sale and we are SO EXCITED to bring it all to you LIVE!



Jim Simon and Ryon Simon - Owners / Managers

Physical Address for Simon Arena: 29100 Harry Ave, Randolph, MN 55065

Mailing Address:  PO Box 425, Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Phone: (507)263-4200     Fax: (507) 263-4202      Email :

Internet Bidding Related Questions: Bridget Lavigne (336) 904-8903 call/text

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WELCOME to our online bidding platform! Please take a moment to read through all sale information and familiarize yourself with how things work with online bidding. As sale day approaches, we'll get an online bidding video tutorial up to walk everyone through. We want you to feel comfortable using our site and bidding app - sometimes a little video walk through is just what is needed! 


The online catalog will update over several days to get all of the horses added. Photos, video links, and any other additional information that is provided prior to sale day will be added as sale week progresses so CHECK BACK OFTEN! If there are corrections to the printed catalog, we'll update the online version just as soon as we are aware of them! 

On April 1st, early absentee bidding becomes available to you! This works much like ebay for those of you familiar with that. You can place your maximum bid ahead of time and the computer will then act as your agent at sale time, bidding on your behalf by minimum increments to keep you in the lead. This option is useful for those of you with poor internet/cell service at home, those who are unable to watch live for any reason, and also for you folks who find the fast pace of a live auction to be intimidating. PLEASE NOTE that if you place an early absentee bid and that animal comes into the ring with an announcement that changes the information that was available to you when you placed your bid (i.e. the horse cribs but that was not disclosed in the listing) we will NOT honor your pre-bid for your protection. We want you to bid with the most accurate information available!

For those of you who prefer to watch and bid live, you’ll have real time audio/video available to you at sale time! Make sure you have registered to bid, are logged in, click “View Auction” and then hit the “Play” button on the live feed!  You’ll be good to go and can participate just as if you were here in person!

For those of you using a mobile device, we do recommend downloading the Horse Auctions USA app for the best bidding experience! It is available FREE to download from the Google Play and App Stores!  If you prefer to use your browser, we do recommend using Google Chrome although the website will work in just about any browser including Edge & Safari


Be sure to READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS shown when you register to bid as many of the most commonly asked questions will be answered there! You are bound by these terms whether you read them or not so take the time to review them and reach out if you have questions. Please be aware there is a 4% Online Buyer's Premium added to all winning online bids. 

When you register for online bidding through Horse Auctions USA, you will have to enter a debit/credit card and a $1000 authorization will be placed by Horse Auctions USA to secure your online bidding ability. This is NOT a charge. It will show as “pending” with your bank until final payment is received by Twin Cities Horse Sales and then it will “fall off” and vanish as if it was never there. 

***Please Note*** Although the initial pre-authorization is NOT a charge, be advised that any successful online bidder who fails to make final payment to Twin Cities Horse Sales for winning bids as required (i.e. defaults as a "bad bidder") WILL NOT HAVE THE PRE-AUTHORIZATION REVERSED and Horse Auctions USA will retain the $1000 and remit it to the sale company to be applied to the outstanding balance. Bid responsibly! When you are the winning bidder, the horse is YOURS and YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO PAY FOR IT. 

If you need permission from your spouse, priest, neighbor, psychic, etc in order to purchase a horse, be sure to do so BEFORE you place a bid because calling after the fact to say "My husband/wife/cousin's best friend said I can't get the horse" "My dog pushed the button" "Aliens took my phone" etc isn't going to fly. When you click to bid and you win, it's yours and you need to pay for it. We WILL absolutely pursue any and every legal avenue to ensure bidders follow through with their obligations and have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for deadbeat bidding. Thank you in advance and while we've tried to include a bit of levity with this warning, we do mean it! We'll do our part - we fully expect you to do yours! :)

If you have ANY online bidding questions, please reach out to Bridget at (336) 904-8903. Both calls and texts are welcome. 

I WON! Now what?

When you have finished bidding for the day, please reach out to the Twin Cities Horse Sales office. (507) 263-4200   You will need to make final payment for your winning bids to Twin Cities Horse Sales. If you need layover board and/or assistance with transport, please communicate that to them as well. 








Please remember that you are bound by these terms and conditions whether you read them or not so please take a moment to review them!


2. The highest bidder will be the buyer, and if dispute arises between two or more bidders, the horse in dispute shall immediately be put up again for advance bids. If there are no advance bids, the horse shall go to the person from whom the auctioneer recognized the last bid. The auctioneer will decline any bid made by parties who have defaulted in former purchases, or by persons who, in his judgment, are not responsible bidders.

3. Terms of sale are cash and payment in full to be made to the cashier immediately after the sale.

3A. INTERNET BIDDING SPECIFICS: Winning internet bidders will make final payment for purchases directly to the sale company, NOT Horse Auctions USA. When registering to bid online, you will need to enter a credit/debit card to be approved to bid and Horse Auctions USA will place a $1000 preauthorization on that card. This is NOT an actual charge but rather a preauthorization/temporary hold like when you rent a car. It will fall off at the completion of the sale. This is an unfortunate necessity in today's world and we need to be sure that our internet bidders are real folks over the age of 18 with a valid payment method. Some mobile banking apps will send a notification when the preauthorization occurs that looks like a charge - AGAIN, it is NOT a charge. It will be "pending" and then vanish.  Please note there is a 4% Online Buyers Premium added to all winning internet bids. 

4. Upon receiving payment for a horse, the cashier will issue an order to obtain delivery. Buyers are cautioned not to lose these orders. Buyers assume all expenses and risks on horses after they have left the auction ring. Buyers must make arrangements with the sale company for care of stock until it can be removed.

5. Upon failure of compliance with any of the above conditions, the lot shall be resold by public or private sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such resale shall be made good by the defaulter immediately.

6. If any person shall purchase a lot and not pay for it as prescribed above, nothing shall prevent the auctioneer or the owner from compelling the purchaser to pay for it if the auctioneer or seller shall so deem fit.

7. Every effort has been made to ensure correctness of the catalog but the sales management and auctioneer are not responsible for errors or omissions, and assume no liability on its part or on the part of the seller as to any statements, either verbal or written, regarding horses sold.

8. All known defects will be announced before each horse is started. Every horse will be sold under this rule. Therefore, no horse can be rejected by buyer when struck off by auctioneer.

9. The seller guarantees all mares were bred to stallions as indicated in the catalog. We believe them to be in foal, but are selling them as they are and without return privileges, unless otherwise specified.

10. Immediately after the horse is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer thereof; but possession of the horse cannot be obtained by him until payment in full has been made.

11. Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the grounds and particularly while horses are being shown in the ring. The management cannot be responsible for any accidents.

12. There will be an insurance agent on the grounds for anyone wishing to obtain insurance on their horses. Transportation will also be available at reasonable rates anywhere in the United States.

13. Consignors are reminded to bring registration papers, breeding certificates, signed transfers and Coggins tests the day of the sale. They should be turned in to the office before the sale.

14. Registration papers will be issued immediately on cash, certified checks, or money orders only. HORSES WHO ARE PAID FOR BY PERSONAL CHECKS WILL HAVE ALL PAPERWORK MAILED TO THE NEW OWNER ONCE THE CHECK HAS CLEARED WHICH MAY TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS.


The Buyer has a responsibility to examine a horse carefully and completely before they bid on it. If you have any particular concerns about conformation faults or defects, size, attitude, stall manners, riding ability or anything else, check it out BEFORE you bid. If you buy a horse on impulse, without shopping it before you bid, you may expect to find some surprises. In that case, you still own the horse. The seller is not responsible for you, if you don’t shop the horse. Once you bid on a horse, you are indicating that you have shopped enough to satisfy yourself and no one else is responsible.

Method of payments accepted: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, Traveler’s Check, Wire Transfers and Credit Cards. A 3.5% charge will be added to all credit card purchases.  No Sales Tax on horses purchased in Minnesota