Hamilton County Horse & Tack Sale -SATURDAY JUNE 15th- Noblesville, IN

Welcome to our Bi-Monthly Horse and Tack Auction. To consign please call or text 317-946-4450


June 13th @ 7:00pm …To consign please call or text 317-946-4450. We need information in as soon as possible to advertise!

Hamilton County Horse Sale

22217 SR 37 North

Noblesville, IN 46060



Used tack

New tack


Trailers / Hay


We welcome new buyers and consignors. We sell new and used tack, saddles, hay, trailers, and horses. Horse Sales 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

There is plenty of parking, kitchen and restrooms.

We charge a 9 % commission fee if the horse is sold or $25 no sale fee.

***ALL OUT OF STATE HORSES MUST HAVE A CURRENT COGGINS TO BE SOLD . You can have it pulled at the sale for $45 . Buyers you can also have them pulled for $45.


We do our very best to get started on horses at 6:00pm; however, because we sell used tack as well as new, how much tack we have varies greatly from sale to sale. We'll send a notice out to registered bidders to advise of delayed start time if we end up running over. Don't panic if the live doesn't come on right at 6:00 pm sharp!  

WELCOME to our online catalog & bidding site! Horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules that are consigned ahead will be posted here prior to the sale. Consignments will be posted and are open for pre-bidding/absentee bidding as soon as they are posted! Go ahead and get yourself registered to bid online if you can't attend in person!

Pre-Bidding/Absentee Bidding is open to you as soon as a horse is posted. This works much like ebay - you can place your maximum bid and then let the computer do all the work for you! The computer will set you in at the lowest bid amount allowed and then bid on your behalf by increments as needed when other bids are placed. This is a useful option if you will be in an area with poor internet/cell service on sale day, if you will be unable to watch live on sale day for any reason, or if you just find the pressure of a real time auction to be overwhelming. 


Watch & Bid LIVE on Sale Day! Once we start the horses on sale day, our webcast will go live. You'll have real time video/audio available and bid buttons. Make sure you are registered to bid AND logged in so you will be able to bid when your favorite horse comes in! 

I WON!  Now what?  If you are a winning bidder, you card on file will be charged for the item amount, 5% buyer's premium, 7% Indiana sales tax, and 4% credit card convivence fee. If you need to reach us immediately, please call the sale barn office at 317-773-5590. PICKUP is from 9am to NOON on Sunday. If you need to layover board your horse while arranging transport, this can be arranged with the sale office, please call or text 317-946-4450 to work through other options. Board fees per day do apply after Sunday.

***Please Note when you register to bid, you will need to enter a credit or debit card and Horse Auctions USA will run an authorization to validate that card. This authorization WILL FALL OFF, much like when you reserve a car or hotel room. We DO NOT charge your card but it is likely that your bank will send you a notification of the authorization. Don't be alarmed - it is NOT a charge, just an authorization. If you get a notification of a charge from your mobile banking app, DON'T PANIC - it is just the pre-authorization! If you actually get into your banking, you'll see that preauthorization as "pending" - it will never complete. It just vanishes like it was never there. This happens immediately on our end but when it reflects on yours is dependent on your individual bank.


Auction Terms & Conditions

By registering to bid, you are legally bound by these terms and conditions, whether you read them or not. Please take the time to read them!

Hamilton County Horse Sale and its associates act as agents only on all sales and are not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstandings. All guarantees are strictly between buyer and seller. All horses are sold "as is " without any express or implied warranties.

1. All purchases are to be paid in full on day of sale & prior to removal from premises. Cards on file will be charged to pay balances in full.
2. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will decide the dispute or resell the item.
3. All items are sold "as is where is" The auctioneer assumes no liability for any guarantee made by the seller. 
4. The auctioneer is not liable for any injury, damage, or loss incurred in connection with the sale.
5. Purchaser assumes responsibility for items when "sold" or upon delivery to purchaser.
6. Statements made on day of auction take precedence over previously written material.
7. Transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer. 
8. There is a 5% Buyers Premium added to all winning internet bids, 7% Indiana Sales Tax, and 4% credit card convivence              9. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU CAN RIDE THE HORSE ONCE YOU GET IT HOME. We can in no way guarantee riding abilities of the horse/rider.

NTERNET BIDDERS PLEASE NOTE! When you register to bid, Horse Auctions USA will place a $1000 preauthorization on the credit or debit card that you register with. This is NOT a charge, just a preauthorization. Your mobile banking may send a notification that appears as a charge - AGAIN, it is just a preauthorization. The $1000 will show as "pending" and then never complete but rather, will just vanish as if it was never there.  Once the sale is complete, this preauthorization is released for all non-winning bidders. Winning bidders will have the preauthorization lifted once final settlement is made with the auction company. If for any reason you as a winning bidder fail to make final payment to the auction company before the open of business on Monday, you understand that Horse Auctions USA will finalize the $1000 preauthorization and remit it to the auction company to be applied to your bill. Further, you understand that Horse Auctions USA will charge your registered card for the full amount due to the auction company for your winning bids. BID RESPONSIBLY and remember, your bid is a legally binding contract! You are responsible for your winning bids.