Jones Livestock Auction THURSDAY August 1st - Jones, Oklahoma

Jones Livestock Auction is held EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT in Jones, Oklahoma! On the FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH ONLY, we are LIVE ONLINE with INTERNET BIDDING!
  •   Jul 29 @ 12:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Aug 1 @ 8:00pm CDT (End)
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Jones Livestock Auction

 Livestock Sale!

126 E Main St * Jones, Oklahoma 

(405) 399-2999

The Dog Days of Summer are here and not only is the weather hot, so are the sales! Don't miss out! Our first Livestock Sale of August will be on THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST and YES, that means we'll be LIVE ONLINE RIGHT HERE!

Jones Livestock Auction has ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE at their livestock sale on the FIRST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH (except when a Holiday changes the schedule a bit!)


For those who may not know, Jones Livestock Auction has a long-standing weekly Thursday Night Livestock Auction. Horse Auctions USA has provided the online bidding for the Special Horse Sales at Jones and now we're going to bring the Thursday Night Livestock Auction to your phones & computers!  We here at Horse Auctions USA are very excited about this and think you will be too!!!

IMPORTANT!  While the Livestock Auction is held every week on Thursday night, online bidding will ONLY BE AVAILABLE on the FIRST THURSDAY NIGHT of each month!  

   Don't Forget!  We have a MONTHLY HORSE & TACK SALE on the SECOND SATURDAY!

And yes, it has online bidding!



Start time on Thursday nights will vary as it is dependent on the amount of tack items which are sold first (NOT available for online bidding) Generally, you can expect us to go live with the livestock between 8:30 and 9pm CST. Rarely if ever would we start on livestock before 8pm. Bridget will get online on the JONES LIVESTOCK AUCTION FACEBOOK PAGE throughout the afternoon to post updates on start time. Notices will also go out to online bidders via notification through the app as well as email to keep everyone updated on anticipated start time

Livestock sells in the following order:

Peafowl, Hedgehogs/other smalls, Goats & Sheep, Exotics, Cattle (calves then on up in size), Horses (starting with ponies, donkeys "littles" and then big horses) 

If there are multiple animals in the ring (i.e. 4 goats) then bidding will almost always be "times the money" so for simple math purposes, if there are 4 goats and the bid is $100, the total is $400 as you must take all 4.  This will be clear to you when we are bidding live as it will say "per lot" and X the number of animals next to your bid. Only under very select circumstances will there be a "choice" option given on multiple animals in the ring. Again, if that is the case, this will be made clear to you when we start bidding on those animals and will say "choice". We'll announce this as well so you'll hear us and see it on your screen. When you win a "choice" bid, the option to select your choice of animals will pop up on the screen and you'll have 20 seconds to make your selections.

***A Word About Goats***  We sell a LOT of goats and at a rapid pace. With the exception of select advertised goats, goats will always sell "times the money" so you'll be taking all the goats in the ring whether it be 3 or 6. In order to offer goats online AND keep up with the pace of the auction, goats will be listed as "goat/sheep" with generic tag numbers online. In other words, the tag number/lot number you see in front of you online for a goat IS NOT the tag number that is actually on the goat. If we have specific advertised goats that are offered individually or as choice, we will have the correct tag numbers listed on those. This is the most efficient way for us to offer online bidding on all goats AND keep the pace with the auctioneer. Don't worry, when you come to pick up your goats, you'll be getting the ones you saw in the ring when you bid - we just don't want people to get hung up/confused by the online tag number.  :)  Think of the goat tag number you see online as a placeholder only. 

For all other animals, the tag number you see online will match the tag on the animal. This is of particular importance on cattle as we usually offer choice on those. 

Please be aware that we sell at a fast pace! There is no delay on our end but if you are in poor internet/cell service, this can impede your ability to successfully bid. While we will adjust the pace a small bit to accommodate online participation, you do need to be aware that you'll need to click in fairly fast in order to be successful. 


 Jones Livestock Auction and Horse Auctions USA act as agents only.  

Please direct all general sale questions to Jones Livestock Auction at (405) 399-2999


Yes, you can pick up the night of the sale OR you can pick up on Friday. If other arrangements must be made, please read the following:

Loading is Friday 9am-12pm unless other arrangements are made. Anything left after noon on Friday will have daily boarding fees $20 per day minimum and an additional $10 per day after. Anything left in the barn the following Thursday will be sold with all commission and parsing fees and the check will be mailed to the address that you have registered with.

Online Bidding Questions Only – Bridget Lavigne (336) 904-8903

Welcome to the online bidding platform for Jones Livestock Auction! If you have participated online in the Special Horse Sales at Jones Livestock Auction, then you are probably familiar with things already. BUT, for those who aren't, here are the basics!

Here on this online bidding platform, you can watch and bid live just as if you were here in person! AND, if you took a shine to a particular animal that was advertised ahead but can't participate in real time on Thursday night (maybe you have to work!) you can also place absentee bids

As soon as an advertised animal is posted here in the catalog, early absentee bidding becomes available to you! This works much like ebay for those of you familiar with that. You can place your maximum bid ahead of time and the computer will then act as your agent at sale time, bidding on your behalf by minimum increments to keep you in the lead. This option is useful for those of you with poor internet/cell service at home, those who are unable to watch live for any reason, and also for you folks who find the fast pace of a live auction to be intimidating. PLEASE NOTE that if you place an early absentee bid and that animal comes into the ring with an announcement that changes the information that was available to you when you placed your bid (i.e. there is something of note like a wound/blemish/unsoundness that was not visible/disclosed when advertised) we will NOT honor your pre-bid for your protection. We want you to bid with the most accurate information available!

Animals that are posted for advertising generally are posted on WEDNESDAY. We will add them here in the online catalog as we receive them and when that advertised animal comes in the ring, live bidding will open up on that animal's listing. Please be aware that not all animals are advertised but all will be available for bidding. For that reason, you'll see multiple lots each sale that just say "Goat/Sheep" or "Cattle" or "Horse" and so on. Those are there so that we can offer bidding on all livestock and you'll need to listen for announcements as those animals come in to hear what we know.

For those of you who prefer to watch and bid live, you’ll have real time audio/video available to you at sale time! Make sure you have registered to bid, are logged in, and then hit the “Play” button on the live feed!  You’ll be good to go and can participate just as if you were here in person! 

For those of you using a mobile device, we do recommend downloading the Horse Auctions USA app for the best bidding experience! It is available FREE to download from the Google Play and App Stores!  If you prefer to use your browser, we do recommend using Google Chrome

You will need to register with a credit/debit card in order to bid online. Please note that a pre-authorization for $500 will be placed on your registered card. This is NOT a charge, just an authorization to verify you are indeed a real person with a real card and is a good faith hold to allow you to bid. This authorization will fall off once the sale is complete and any purchases you have made are paid for. Some mobile banking apps will send out an alert when this preauthorization is received and inevitably, someone will call us wondering why they were charged. AGAIN, this is NOT a charge and will fall off - mobile banking apps generally don't differentiate so PLEASE don't panic - the preauthorization will never complete. It may show as pending but will fall off and vanish!   Final payment for any purchases will need to be made directly to Jones Livestock Auction. Acceptable payment methods are cash and credit/debit card. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED except from established Jones Livestock Auction customers with pre-existing check writing permission from the sale barn.

Winning bidders should contact the Jones Livestock Auction Office at (405) 399-2999 to confirm preferred payment method and pickup arrangements!

If you need any assistance with online bidding or have any questions pertaining to it, please call/text Bridget at (336) 904-8903.  Please be sure to do so BEFORE we start the sale on Thursday. Since actual start time will vary a bit, the safe bet is to reach out BEFORE 7pm CST!  Once we start, Bridget is on the auction block and unable to answer calls!  Register BEFORE the sale so we can assist you with anything you might need!

1. All purchases are to be paid in full on day of sale & prior to removal from premises.
2. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will decide the dispute or resell the item.
3. All items are sold "as is where is" The auctioneer assumes no liability for any guarantee made by the seller. 
4. The auctioneer is not liable for any injury, damage, or loss incurred in connection with the sale.
5. Purchaser assumes responsibility for items when "sold" or upon delivery to purchaser.
6. Statements made on day of auction take precedence over previously written material.
7. Transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer. 
8. There is a 4% Buyers Premium added to all winning internet bids.

INTERNET BIDDERS PLEASE NOTE! When you register to bid, Horse Auctions USA will place a $500 preauthorization on the credit or debit card that you register with. This is NOT a charge, just a preauthorization. Your mobile banking may send a notification that appears as a charge - AGAIN, it is just a preauthorization. The $500 will show as "pending" and then never complete but rather, will just vanish as if it was never there.  Once the sale is complete, this preauthorization is released for all non-winning bidders. Winning bidders will have the preauthorization lifted once final settlement is made with the auction company. If for any reason you as a winning bidder fail to make final payment to the auction company before the open of business on Monday, you understand that Horse Auctions USA will finalize the $500 preauthorization and remit it to the auction company to be applied to your bill. Further, you understand that Horse Auctions USA will charge your registered card for the full amount due to the auction company for your winning bids. BID RESPONSIBLY and remember, your bid is a legally binding contract! You are responsible for your winning bids.