Ocala Horse Sale April 1st - Ocala, Florida

Unmatched Service for Both Buyer & Seller
  •   Mar 23 @ 8:00am EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 1 @ 10:00am EDT (End)
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Ocala Horse Sale 

Southeastern Livestock Pavilion

2232 NE Jacksonville Rd

Ocala, FL 34470


*World Class Facility

*World Class Auction Staff

*World Class Marketing

Be sure to join us in sunny Ocala, Florida for our April 1st Sale!


Ocala Horse Sale offers top shelf consignments from all over the nation. Between our regular session and preferred session, you are sure to find one that fits your wants and needs!


Our venue, Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, coupled with our demonstration sessions, give buyers a fantastic opportunity to really shop the outstanding horses we are so proud to offer! Buyers have the opportunity to watch these horses work, both in person and ONLINE, as we webcast the Ranch Trail Competition as well as the open & preferred session demonstrations! Come find the horse of your dreams!



Friday, March 31st

Trail Competition @ 12:00pm - $25.00 entry fee 

1st Place - $500 in Prize money to be awarded

2nd Place - Reserve Breast Collar

Ranch Horse Competition @ 3:30pm - $50.00 entry fee 

1st  Place - $1000

2nd Place - $500

** Patterns to be posted closer to the event 

All Sale Horse Demonstration to follow (not before 5:00pm)

Saturday, April 1st

Saturday 9:00am:  Preferred Session Demonstrations

Saturday 10:00am: Sale Time!



Scott Roberts: (229) 891-4454

Scotty Campbell: (903) 724-4776

Email: ocalahorsesale@gmail.com

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This sale is webcast live with internet bidding through Horse Auctions USA for those who cannot attend in person! The very best online bidding experience is through the Horse Auctions USA app which is available for both iPhone & Android in the Apple & Google Play Stores. If you prefer to bid from your computer, you may do so through this link: bid.horseauctionsusa.com  Google Chrome is the recommended browser if you wish to bid from a computer.  For detailed instructions on online bidding, CLICK HERE

All internet bidding related questions should be directed to Amber Lee Kain at (336) 564-7650 or  Bridget Lavigne with Horse Auctions USA at (336) 904-8903  Calls or texts are welcome

Early online absentee bidding will open 10 days prior to sale day!

Online Consignment Form

Consignments Open on February 1st!


Hotel Accommodations - Host Hotel Equus Inn – CLICK HERE to make online reservations at rates specifically negotiated for your stay during the Ocala Horse Sale


You may place prebids prior to the start of the sale. Prebidding/Early Absentee Bidding becomes available to you 10 days prior to sale day!

This is a useful feature if you will be unable to watch live on sale day, have poor cell service/internet connectivity, or just prefer to bid in a relaxed manner without the pressure of a live auction.  Pre-bidding works just like eBay! You'll place your maximum bid then sit back and let the computer do the work for you! The computer will only raise your bid incrementally as needed to keep you in the winning position! 

PLEASE NOTE that if a horse comes into the ring and an announcement is made or something is visible that was not disclosed in the information that was available to you ahead of time (i.e. - horse is announced to crib, horse is visibly lame, was injured on the trailer, has a large scar that wasn't mentioned, etc) and there are prebids placed on that horse, we WILL NOT honor those prebids for your protection. We want you to bid with confidence and the most accurate information available. No need to send you an unwelcome surprise!

You can increase your maximum bid if needed at any time! 

Live Bidding on Sale Day

When we go live at sale time, you can watch in real time with NO delay and bid right from your smart phone or computer, just as if you were with us in person! You'll have real time video & audio with bid buttons so you can bid right along with the folks who are there in person! 

TWO WAYS to bid online!   For the best bidding experience, we recommend downloading the Horse Auctions USA app which is available for both iPhone and Android on the Apple & Google Play Stores. Just search "Horse Auctions USA" and download free!  You can set your app to send you instant "outbid" notifications and other important announcements!  It is easy to use and works perfectly for folks on the go!

Alternatively, you can bid from your computer.

We recommend using Google Chrome. 

Go to bid.horseauctionsusa.com and scroll to Ocala Horse Sale. 



You will need to use a valid debit or credit card to register for online bidding.

Your card WILL NOT be charged upon registration, but it will be authorized to be sure it is valid. Some mobile banking apps will send you a notification that looks like a charge. DON'T PANIC! We ARE NOT charging you to register as an online bidder - just making sure you are a real person with a working card. This is an unfortunate necessity in this day and time. That preauthorization will NEVER COMPLETE and will fall off like it was never there. It IS NOT a charge!  We remove the authorization immediately on our end at the completion of the sale. When it offically falls off on your end is entirely dependent on your bank.  You do NOT have to use the card you register with for final payment, and are welcome to pay cash or check at pick up on Saturday or Sunday! 



No. 1 Governing Law: Southeastern Premier Sales Inc. D.B.A Ocala Horse Sale, Sale Manager, is known and recognized as sale management and is an independent contractor regularly engaged in the business of conducting consignment sales of horses. The Sale Management or any representative thereof is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any animal, person, or property before, during, or after the sale. All horses consigned to the sale are offered in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.  

All transactions between Buyer, Consignor, and Sale Management are governed by the laws of the State of Florida. In the event of any legal dispute between Buyer or Consignor, Sale Management will occupy the position of Agent for a disclosed Principal and Stakeholder and will be discharged from all obligations owing to the Consignor or Buyer upon delivery of any property or funds held by Sale Management to the Court having jurisdiction of such dispute.


No 2 Bidding Procedure: The highest bidder shall become the Buyer. Any successful bidder shall sign a Buyers Acknowledgment (‘ticket’) which shall be presented by an auction clerk immediately after the purchase has been made. The right to pass-out

(P.O) is reserved by Consignor or his representative. Any such action must be made prior to the Consignor’s horse departing the auction arena. Title to the animal passes to the Buyer automatically at the final fall of the auctioneer’s gavel unless such pass-out (P.O.) is clearly indicated immediately by Consignor, his representative, or the auctioneer. Sale Management and/or auctioneer(s) reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

  No 3 Bidding Disputes: If a dispute should arise between or among two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall settle the dispute and his decision shall be absolute, final, and binding on all parties. In such case, the auctioneer has the right to reopen the bidding procedure and ask for advanced bids solely between the bidders having claimed the last bid. If there is no advance bid, the horse shall be sold to the bidder from whom the auctioneer recognized the final bid. If, for any reason, the bid should be reduced below the recognized bid at the beginning of such a dispute, the auctioneer may reopen the bidding to all bidders with the highest bidder becoming the Buyer regardless of whether or not the final bid exceeds the bid which was originally disputed.






No 4 Title And Delivery: Title – Title passes to the Buyer automatically at the final fall of the auctioneer’s gavel. At such time Buyer assumes all risk of loss. The responsibility, maintenance, care, and expenses for the horse shall pass immediately from Consignor to Buyer at the final fall of the gavel. This shall especially be the condition in the case of illness, injury, or death of any horse after it has been sold. Upon passage of title, Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Sale Management or any representative thereof, harmless from all loss, cost and expense arising from any or all of the following: (1) the illness, injury or death of purchased animal; (2) loss or damage to property; (3) injury or death of persons caused by the Buyer, his agents, his employees or by the purchased animal. Title and all risks are assumed by Buyer whether or not Delivery has been made. Delivery – Delivery of a purchased animal shall be contingent upon Buyer making a full settlement to the sale cashier as described in

Condition No. 5. After a satisfactory settlement is made, delivery will be in the form of a Release for the horse from the auction grounds. In addition to the Release, Buyer will receive a current Coggins test, a copy of the registration papers or registration application. After Delivery has been made, Buyer shall remove the horse within the specified time announced prior to the commencement of the auction and shall be subject to any charges associated with the purchase should Buyer fail to do so.

 No. 6 Settlement: Settlement for any purchase must be made in full and paid directly to the sale cashier within the specified time announced prior to the commencement of the auction. The Buyer’s Acknowledgement of Purchase is not transferable without the approval of Sale Management. Payment to any other source is prohibited and is not recognized as Settlement. All payment must be made directly to the sale cashier. Settlement for any purchase must be made for the full purchase price with U.S. Currency or with funds from a U.S. Bank in the form of certified check, travelers check, or bank check which has been verified and approved in advance by Sale Management. A valid driver’s license and/or other approved forms of positive identification are required upon Settlement. Any person signing a check in the State of Florida is liable for the full amount of the check. Any party issuing a check returned as “insufficient funds”, “payment stopped” or  “account closed” or a check that for any other reason does not clear the drawee’s bank will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Appropriate legal services will be obtained in whatever jurisdiction necessary to secure performance of any payment given as Settlement. All costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred by Sale Management to secure performance shall be the responsibility of the party issuing such payment.

No. 7 Defaulters: All Buyers shall be responsible for the full purchase price as stated for the horse. Buyers who fail in any respect whatsoever to make Settlement as described in Condition No. 6 shall be declared in default. Any horse purchased by a defaulter may be resold by Sale Management. All costs associated with such resale shall be borne by the defaulter. Should such a resale fail to satisfy in full the defaulter’s balance due, the defaulter shall immediately pay Sale Management the amount of the balance owed. If defaulter fails for any reason to pay all of the balance owing, the Consignor or Sale Management may bring suit against the defaulter who shall be responsible for all costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred by Sale Management in collection of amounts owing or in enforcement or interpretation of the Sale Condition.

No. 7 Warranties:

  1. Prospective Buyers are hereby cautioned and advised by Sale Management to examine horses thoroughly prior to purchasing.
  2. Horses sold in our auction as SOUND are guaranteed for 48 hours!
    This soundness guarantee means no crib, no weave, no lameness, no parrot mouth (overbite or underbite), sound of wind, and sight with no impairment in both
    eyes. If you purchase a horse sold sound and find any of the above
    issues, please contact us within 48 hours.

 ***Please note that failure of a flexion test alone
without otherwise visible lameness is NOT sufficient to declare a horse unsound.
Conformation flaws such as toeing in or out are also not an unsoundness***

  1. Sale Management is not responsible for Buyer or Consignor misunderstanding. A recording will be made of the entire auction that may be used to help settle disputes regarding statements about the horses while in the auction arena.

No. 8 Broodmares & Stallions: No guarantees are made by Sale Management or any representative thereof regarding pregnancy status, eventual foaling, or fertility of any animal offered in this sale. Final pregnancy status on broodmares will be announced at time of sale and will take precedence over printed material in the catalog or in advertising. Any contractual agreements between owners of broodmares in the sale and owners of stallions to which these mares may have been bred are strictly between Buyer and Seller.


No. 9 Catalog and announcements: 

Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention to announcements from the auction block regarding changes in the sale catalog and such announcements take precedence over printed material. The accuracy of all information in the catalog is the sole responsibility of the Consignor. It is solely the responsibility of the Consignor to verify the accuracy of such information and to make certain such changes are made public while the animal is in the auction arena. Sale Management or any representative thereof does not assume any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions or for any verbal or written statement regarding the animal sold


No. 10 Registration Certificates:

  1. Upon Delivery of purchase and prior to conclusion of the sale, Buyers are advised to determine the accuracy of original registration certificates. 
  2. All original registration certificates, transfer reports, and/or applicable breeder’s certificates and/or registration applications will be held by the Sales management util the 48-hour Guarantee has expired, and then will be mailed to the successful buyer.
  3. Buyer will be responsible for any registration fees associated with a purchase selling on a registration application.

    No. 11 Health: All horses in this sale have been required to have tested negative for equine infectious anemia (Coggins test). Out of state or other health certificates may be obtained from the Official Sale Veterinarian at Buyer’s expense.

    X-Rays and Veterinarian exams are provided on Preferred Session consignments for Pre-Purchase to provide buyers with as much information as possible prior to bidding. No horse will be turned down after purchase because of X-Rays or Post Purchase exam.

    The 48-hour Guarantee says the horse will travel sound within that time frame. If a dispute arises, the auction company will assess the horse’s ability to travel sound and both buyer and seller agree to accept the decision.